Saturday, 29 November 2014

Brave's Battles(?): Dimensional Malfunction

This did not happen!- Wait, yes it did and it pisses me off.

Entered a local today and got Grade Stuck EVERY SINGLE GAME! Except for one game where it was my opponent Grade Stuck...

I think I had it all today, lost by Grade Stuck, Lost by sack, won by Grade Stuck.... Just over all not a fun day at all.

After all the interest around Funturecard Buddyfight, I fought I'd give it a try and initially I'm not impressed. Played 2 games but both moved far too fast for my liking and become one sided in their outcome far too easily. One in my opponent's favor, the other in my own, I didn't  get any sense of balance from the game. That said I'm not willing to give up on it yet as I've only steeped in the shallows, give it another chance and I may like it, but won't know until I try. As for the local tounament results, Birmingham fighter, Fox won with Pale Moon legion. Really just a Silver Thorn deck with the Break Ride replaced by the Legion, the 12k sub-clan beater replaced by the mate.

Does this post seem half-assed? Good, 'cause that would accurately reflect how I currently feel.