Monday, 6 October 2014

Card Of The Week (W/C: 6th October): Dimension Creeper

[ACT](Soul):[Put this card into your drop zone] If you have a «Dark Irregulars» vanguard, Soul Charge (2).

Well it's back to Dark Irregulars for this week's COTW. And while I could have chosen either Greedy Hand or Free Traveler for this, in either case this remains your combo card.

Dimension Creeper is Dark Irregulars secret weapon that can lead to a sudden boost in soul and power. Used with Blade Wing Reijy, to push towards that vital 15 Soul. Or perhaps partnered up with Doreen the Thruster for a carefully timed power boost, which in turn can also be used alongside the break ride, King of Masks, Dantarian for an even stronger column. Ultimately this card can be used for utility or for that "Final Turn!" when used in the correct situation. Heck, run Break Ride Reijy, 12 Critical, with this, and Doreen the Thruster and go in for the kill.

Hey, I just answered exactly how I should build my own Reijy Deck :D