Saturday, 18 October 2014

Brave's Battles: Revolution Roulette

So Today I entered a free tournament at Escape but with a twist.
No Elimination, just Swiss with a Twist.
We all entered our own decks as usual, but we wouldn't be guaranteed to use them. Decks that were entered were placed into a roulette, as part of this, I entered two decks since we only had a D-20 for the roulette so I added the second deck to make it 10 decks on the roulette.

The decks I entered were Galactic Beast, Zeal and Arboros Dragon, Sephirot.
I don't know what all the other decks were.

The picture I really want to use here refuses to upload.

I only fought 2 games, the first I ended up with a Pale Moon Silver Thorn deck, which I was very comfortable with. My opponent was Spike Brothers with Bad End Dragger and Juggernaut Maximum. While the game was close and their Break Ride turn nearly killed me, which it would have had they break ridden a Demonic Lord, Dudley Emperor, but they didn't so they did not get the extra attacks and furthermore, I survived. They did get four attacks, but a fifth would have broke my rapidly weakening shield and finished me off.
The following turn I won as my opponent could only guard two of my attacks, and of my rearguard lanes guarded a Liquier "Reverse" boosted by Silver Thorn Beast Tamer, Ana, but then let through an attack from a Maracia & Ana lane, so that, with my Vanguard meant I also scored four attacks, but in my case I didn't need a fifth, the fourth attack won the match.

In the second game I fought a Dimensional Robos while using Granblue. I have never played Granblue and I played the deck horribly, sticking to vanilla, opponent performed two break rides, each of which I guarded no differently to how I'd guard any other attack, if he pulled a Grade 3 he hits, neither break ride yields a Grade 3. The reason I'm comfortable playing against Daikaiser as I would anything else is because of my own deck, I know the chance of the Grade 3 check and I know it's low, no point panicking over it, just remain calm and guard as usual. Which I do. Even though I end up playing vanilla, simply because I can't get a grasp of how to play the clan.
I don't know how as I was at a severe disadvantage, but I managed to somehow pull off a win. Really shouldn't have been possible though. Even though I knew my enemy, I didn't know myself and "Know Thyself" is the first rule of combat.

Due to the nature of the tournament, no clan won as such but there wasn't really a winner either, it was a just a points builder which ended in a tie.
Outside Tournament Play I lost two casual games.
One (when using Dimensional Robos) Vs. Royal Paladin, Break Riding Soul Saver Dragon.
And the second was me using Star-Vader, Freezeray Dragon vs. Aqua Force Blue Storm, in which I was absolutely thrashed.

Lastly was a game in which I took on two people at once. Both using Dimensional Robos (one deck was mine but burrowed) I used Machining. Despite a Deck Out, due the game actually being meant for Legion, our damage was balanced throughout the whole game, neither side had an obvious advantage over the other, even though you'd assume the Tag team would fare better than a solo player. On Deck Out, I lost but pulled a Wieß Schwarz and treated my Drop Zone like the Waiting Room so when I decked out, which we guessed would happen, I wouldn't be cast out of the game. Due to that, I managed to eventually push for the win. With a Double Stand Trigger, it was a sack win, but it saved my poor situation, my counterblasts were all used so I would have quickly had my resources depleted from that point onward, leading to an inevitable defeat. So yes, 2 on 1 Vanguard works, it's is fun, but really needs the one person on their own to have access to Legion so they don't deck out. Also this was my 100th game following my 1 year anniversary since I started playing Vanguard, didn't realize this at the time though. Just a coincidence.

And Tomorrow is a battle royal in Birmingham, featuring multiple top 64 placeholders from this years UK National
We'll be playing this.

P.S. The title is a reference.