Sunday, 12 October 2014

Brave's Buddies/News: UK Nationals report

Picture Credits to Brave Buddy, Angel.
The UK Nationals for Vanguard were this weekend, specifically yesterday, meanwhile in Event City today it's the WießSwartch and Futurecard Buddyfight tournaments.

In any case, the Vanguard tournament results are in Link Joker dominated with the Final being a Omega vs. Omega Mirror Match.

I also have a list of the top 8 but no deck lists as those details are not given by the   Tournament Organiser, Fan Boy 3.

Top 8 decks.
1st Glendios
2nd Glendios
3rd Pale Moon
4th Glendios
5-8: 3 Kagero (2 Rebirth, 1 Nouvelle) and 1 Genesis (Regalia)

What's surprising is Gold Paladins' lack of presence but not so surprising is the popularity of both Link Joker and Kagero.

Registration was between 10-11 and between 500-600 players were entered into the event.

From the Brave's buddies troop. 3 people broke the top 64, Strat (using EDD), LJA (using Omega), and TDS' Current Leader, Snake. Of those Snake lasted until Top 16 (18 in this case for what ever reason)

Overlord despite a lot of effort and practive over the past month, fell in round 4 finishing with a score of 2-2. He entered with Transcendence Dragon, Dragonic Nouvelle Vague.

Murray came out in Round 3, 1-2 using Angel Feather.

Fox was taken out in Round 5 finishing 3-2 with Pale Moon.

Biocancer and Angel (to be introduced in the next expanded buddies list. Were both KO'ed round 2 with 0 wins each, using Dark Irregulars Amon and Non Regalia Genesis respectively.

LJA Darkness also placed top 12 in Wieß Schwarz so the drinks next Saturday are on him. That or their on me as I didn't go so I'm probably the only one with any cash.


Also, BushiNAVI provides information conflicting with an earlier press release so now confused by the whole Legion Campaign where as I previously knew what was what and knew my plans ahead of time.

Stride has also now been fully explained but I'd like to leave explaining that to another day, because I also want to voice my opinions on Stride and G-Assist.