Saturday, 20 September 2014

Thoughts: BT16 Version E and Legion Campaign

Well I haven't reported on this and really it's tagged as news on all the other Cardfight Vanguard blogs out there so I can't really claim to be breaking out new information, but I can give my own thoughts and opinions and predictions based on what information is currently available.

As part of this post I will be going into the  recently announced Legion Campaign which if it's what I'm hoping it is, then it'll be good. As will the shop tournament promo packs we'll be getting in the coning months which will feature the Legion Revival Campaign. A combination of several things that ultimately bring us level with the Japanese format of the game.

But where to begin, well not knowing the specifics of the English case for Legion of Dragons and Blades, that's hard to say but we do know the following. Thanks to Bushiroad's recent press release.

We also have the following confirmations thanks to this image.
Deletors, are in for Link Joker so we can assume Star-vader maintain their slots in BT17 version E, also confirmed by Bushiroad's press release to be in development.

Now, the main think which I like, while at the same time detest, about this booster is Brawlers. My plan had been to make Brawlers as they were going to be the cheapest thing for me to build, or so I thought, while that may now no longer be the case. The reason being that with both Big Bang Knuckle Dragon AND Big Bang Knuckle Buster being in the same set, people will latch onto that, but then again I probably shouldn't estimate the decks cost as some people still play Dragonic Kaiser, Vermilion, which is what BBKD is a legion remake of so people are going to love that, even more so with his Buster upgrade. It's a constant trend, Japanese meta favors restanding Vanguards while the Enlgish Meta prefers field/hand control, although restanders remain prevalent.

Due to the difference in styles between the eastern and western fronts, I'd expect that while Seeker, Sing Saver Dragon may remain just as much the go-to Tier 1 meta deck come the Legion era, because even without "Abyss", that thing dominated. I do however expect that Brawlers, and Bluish Flame Liberators, will be more expensive in the English game, and while they have been delayed a set, much to my annoyance, Metalborgs with Sin Buster's hand building and glory meal skill will drive that deck cost through the roof.

As for Deletors, I honestly can't work out how they'll go down but by being included in BT16 that's now another reason me to buy into this booster. Really, BT16 ver.E has an incredible card pool now, even if mostly speculation, but I can tell I'll be wanting most of what in this set now. Liberators, Deletors, Brawlers, and if the numbers of how many cards I think each clan might be getting, that'll come out as over half the box being on my wish list.
Dark Irregulars' Psychicer Legion was one of the first releases from the Legion Campaign

Moving onto other things, with Legion rolling around it seems that Bushiroad will be directing some of their Buddyfight advertising efforts towards Cardfight Vangaurd instead. I hope this means we get a decent quality dub this time then, Season 3 was a horrible, horrible dub. If anything it's the WORST OFFICIAL DUB to an anime I've ever watched, yes, even worst than bad 4kids dubbing. However with this new focus on pushing for Vanguards popularity in the English market comes 2 simultaneous promotional campains, dubbed Legion Campaian, and, Revival Campaign, the latter of which is believed to release the same promos as the campaign of the same name currently found in the Bushiroad Monthly in Japan, these promos will be distributed via shop tournament promo packs, and I want what ever Great Daiyusha's Legion is, among other things, but mainly that. Heck, give me Ezer and I'll build a KOK Legion deck. :D

The other campaign, the Legion Campaign, will come in the form of a pair of promo cards, a legion and a mate, that are rewarded for making the purchase of a trial deck or five booster packs but you can only do this from stores, online shops may not support either of these campaigns.

So far from what I can tell, this all about creating an incentive to buy buy buy BUY. And yet it's not one I'm wholly against. Oh and an incentive to support local shops to. which frankly I'm all for.