Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Off-topic (Sort of): Location Location Location?

Well this Booster Tech 15 case has sure been enlightening. And the hardest thing to do? Decide where to open the case...

Really? Each investor has sacrificed a part of their collection to build the money towards this shipment and it's only after it's ordered that the fighting begins, over where to open it of all things?
It goes without saying that the more people involved in a deal of any kind, the more complicated it becomes.

In this deal there's only 3 people, excluding one silent partner who came in to bail out the one side of the investing party that failed to make up the agreed share to invest, the silent partner will need paying back as their investment is purely monetary and that's first priority.

However where we have been stuck in deadlock is where to open the case, I was completely against anywhere public for reason that to some may be obvious, others not so much.

So for those of you that are thinking of getting a case, have a clear and detailed plan laid out BEFORE proposing the idea to others. I swear, Brother's In Arms may be a team, but we're never doing this again.

Coming to the realization that we didn't have proper plans late in the proceedings didn't help, for which I'm accountable, I didn't act as I didn't think the contributes would actually succeed and that it would just become a relatively simple task of refunding having failed to make the case, consequentially I didn't get involved in this myself until the order was made and someone who can carry out accounting and administration was actually required. After all I am the team's record keeper. I run all the admin work for Brothers In Arms if only because I'm the only one that can.

I'd like to explain that I'm not trying to rant but it would be nice if people other than me were capable of what is required for the business side of things. Even for something small like our cardfight team, there is still quite a bit of paperwork to fill because if we're running an operation I'm damned well going to make sure it's bloody well done right. (Ok so maybe I did need to vent slightly.)