Tuesday, 9 September 2014

News: Japanese Format amendments ban Sing Saver "Abyss"

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Translated I've written this translation out so many times to inform all my Vanguard groups already so screen shot this time.

Following the conclusion of the Fighter's Road Championship, Bushiroad have seen it necessary to close some "exploits" in their rules. For the most part the traditional <Clan Fight> rules remain the same except for changing the specific exceptions allowed to Royal Paladin, the previous ruling, which allowed Royal Paladin decks to run up to 10 Shadow Paladin cards has now been changed to only allow up to 4 copies of Blaster Dark.

This alteration now means Sing Saver "Abyss" is illegal in traditional tournament play while still allowing the use of Majesty Lord Blaster.

It is important to note that these rulings will have NO AFFECT on the Fighters' Climax championship circuit which will be debuting the new "Extreme Rules" in which Clan "X" is active and there are no restricted cards.

In addition to this Bushiroad has also laid out a new General Rule that if your Vanguard is already Legion, even if via superior "seek mate" then may not perform that units [ACT] Legion skill, meaning that to return 4 cards to the deck, you need to perform Legion with a currently un-legioned Vanguard.