Friday, 5 September 2014

News: Blaster Joker Grade 3, Harmonics Messiah artwork revealed. Will be SP rarity ONLY.

Putting my previous plan on hold for a brief moment as I was to  show this. Blaster Joker has now been confirmed to be a Grade 3 and that fills the last remaining RRR slot in the Movie booster. Tally Ho!

Also Harmonics Messiah will be SP rarity only so we can assume the other Messiah will be to. Rumous state Harmonics is a Grade 4 but Bushiroad have so far not confirmed this. Also it is currently unknown what clan, if any Harmonics Messiah will be affiliated with when it comes to print.

Now I'll be getting back to writing my review of the pseudo Nova Grappler Link Joker Legion.