Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Dimension Police Week: Enigman (BT04)

Well since we're doing this, we're starting from scratch, and that means we're going to begin with the Enigman series.

Debuting in BT04, (despite Super Dimensional Robo, Daiyusha being a RR and SP in BT03, along with Karenroid Daisy, Workerpod Saturday and Masked Police Grander being commons in the same set.) Dimension Police first became a playable by making use of the Enigman series of cards that came in the form of one of BT04's unique style of Ride Chains, starting off with Enigman Flow and leading into Enigman Ripple, which upon a successful ride of the latter on the former would reward you with being able to add one copy of the grade 2, Enigman Wave to your hand. Coincidentally  this ride chain would also form the framework for deck that would go on to win the Japanese Junior Nationals, Crazy Daimond, this deck made use of the Enigman series to allow the room for the necessary to be added to the deck to optimise it's main gambit, which is/was Guard Breaking with Super Dimensional Robo, Daikaizer.

However, the original intended use of the Ride Chain was to ascend the Grade System to ultimately ride into, Enigman Storm and then use your support to build his power and apply Vanguard pressure by going Critical.
However this presented several shortcomings. The highest amount of power any one unit could give to your Vanguard was 4000, however if you mis-ride and failed to get Enigman Wave you instead had to boost Enigman Storm's power by 5000. Enigman Wave suffered from the same problems if you were to miss Enigman Ripple. This means that while the Ride Chain is among the more consistent chains it also suffers immensely if you fail a single part of the chain.

However an alternative to Enigman Storm as your Grade 3 can be found by turning to Enigman Rain. Being just a R instead of a RRR she is much more budget friendly than Enigman Storm and can be just as effective with pressure, despite achieving it by different means. Each gambits' ideal supports also differ; for example Enigman Storm would clearly be reliant on having Cosmo Beak in his Grade 2 Line-Up, who's presence would then make Super Dimensional Robo, Daiyusha an ideal alternate Grade 3, as both Grade 3's have the same skill but potentially different base powers.

On the other hand however, Enigman Rain, whose ability allows you re-stand a rearguard if she hits, so long as her power is 12000 of more before her attack step, favors the use of Cosmo Roar, and as her Grade 3 support, Miracle Beauty.

A possible field for Enigman Rain, with this field you have 2 options for powering up Enigman Rain, either by resting Cosmo Roar in the main phase with his ACT or by attacking with Masked Police, Grander. In either case the unit will provide power +2000 to Enigman Rain. For maximum pressure you want to have attacked with Miracle Beauty before swinging in with Enigman Rain. Most Enigman Rain decks place a trigger focus on Stands, usually sporting 8 or more.

So each deck has it's own ideal situations but Enigman Storm and Enigman Wave also have access to one support unit that ONLY those two cards have access to.

Able to hit for 12000 by itself, but only if you have a Vanguard named "Enigman Storm" or "Enigman Wave" with the failure of having either one of these as your Vanguard being that 
you loose 5000 power. Enigroid Comrade looks like a Gundam, but lacks any of the said mecha's awesomeness, and this can mostly be contributed to his restriction. The possibility of having a Grade 2 with only a power of 5000 is, in of itself, insulting. But then again, Shadow Paladins had Skull Witch, Nemian, and she was a RRR?!

If you have the deck to support having Enigroid Comrade, he can be a nice and solid 12k beat stick, but don't satisfy his requirements and you're in a bad situation fast, even more so if you had to ride him.

Now, there are some very good cards for supporting both Enigman Rain, and Enigman Storm, along with the later released Enigman Cyclone from BT08, Blue Storm Armada. But I will look into these general supports in detail having first looked at all the main deck build. Still to go we have another Ride Chain deck and then 2 sub-clans, which will end up taking us into the Japanese format, as the second of the sub-clans is quite some time away from the English TCG.