Friday, 26 September 2014

Brave's Battles: Machining Attack

I think I've found a clan I like MORE than Dimension Police in Megacolony.
Played in Coventry this evening and placed 3rd (that's good) using a deck which I only managed to get one shadowbox game out of, which isn't good but it was late when I decided to build the deck. Needless to say I'm pleased with the result, put probably not for the reason your thinking of.


Escape Games locals are run using Brackelope, which I'd like to take credit for. :P You're welcome. And tournaments are ran Double Elimination Format simultaneously to Friday Night Magic, meaning it's not possible to do both though.

So I entered with Machinings and my opponents that I faced within the tournament, in order, were.

Bermuda Triangle, in which I got my first realization of how much pressure I was able to place on the opponent and off of me. Bermuda still tanked but was unable to hold any offensive as I was able to consistently stun the front line rearguards and Vanguard booster while building an advantage off that. Although why was there a Pacifica in a Duos deck?
Not even joking. This unit was just out of place.

Nova Grappler, Beast Deity - I went into this game expecting to be countered by Ethics' antics, but that never really happened. My opponent was on Strongest Beast Deity, Ethics Buster Extreme when I performed a Break Ride, Unrivaled Blade Rogue, Cyclotooth upon himself, stunning their entire field and forcing them to ride next turn just to be able to attack, the only card they had in hand to ride was the Break Ride, Beast Deity, Ethics Buster, reducing the opponent to vanilla play style just to avoid having to skip a turn entirely. Shaking off the desperate Vanguard attack that followed I proceeded to win on my next turn.

Narukami, Eradicator, Tempest Bolt Dragon - This game I found my opponent to be ahead of me at every turn, and with both of our fields remaining for the most part, empty with only 2 rearguards possible for me, and 3 for them (probably more so by design though) the game worked heavily in favor of their ace card. When I Break Ride into Machining Spark Hercules in a bid to try and slow my opponent they were ready with another Tempest Bolt in hand, having already burned through all my defense trying to hold on long enough to try and turn the tide I was finished.

Semi Final Match:
Vs. Nova Grappler - Beast Deity, Different deck to the other Beast Deity but very much the same design, which is to be expected really. In this game I became Grade Stuck unable to hit Grade 3, which frankly means your're screwed in this game, but despite this I was still able to push for 5 damage while maintaining 2 damage in my own Damage Zone but once in Limit Break things went sour and my stuns were rendered useless against the opponent's X-Break Ridden Strongest Beast Deity, Ethics Buster Extreme, ending in a relentless onslaught of attacks which were just too much to guard against.


The Full Clan Distribution of this Local was as follows:
  • 1 Shadow Paladin (Revengers - Dragruler)
  • 1 Gold Paladin (Liberators - Zenith)
  • 2 Nova Grappler (Beast Deities)
  • 1 Neo Nectar
  • 1 Narukami (Eradicators - Tempest Bolt)
  • 1 Bermuda Triangle (Duos/Pacifca)
  • 1 Megacolony (Machining)** That would be me.
So Coventry hasn't adopted a BT15 meta which did surprise me somewhat, but having demonstrated Machinings, it seems I left an impression and that one of my opponents may now instead go on to build the deck.

Tempest Bolt Dragon won the tournament by default after the semi-final victor opted to forfeit the final match instead of fighting it out to the end.

Ok, so 50/50 win rate in the tournament isn't overly special but what really impressed me was the feel of the deck, it just FELT right. Something that I've never felt from Dimension Police, despite my strong connection with the clan as the one I started the game with and the fact that I like mecha, nothing I've played has "clicked" in quite the same way this has. I can't really explain it as I've never been a Control Deck type of person, always opting for pressure, but Megacolony does both in a way that appeals to me, more so than Link Joker, even though the latter is seen as the stronger clan in general. So now I want a Megacolony Machining deck as what I used tonight wasn't mine but rather cards which are to be sold before Manchester, because after the Nationals that's it, all remaining sales are off the table as Fighter's Collection and Legion will then both be on the horizon, sparking a new power level within the game that those of us still using Limit Break will be left behind and suffer for.

I'm not saying Legion is Overpower, in fact I'd say Legion itself is fairly balanced, but there's no denying older decks (most of Pre-BT14) will be unable to hold a candle to it. Although I do have one deck that I know can still give Legion a Run for it's money, and it doesn't even need Limit Break, I'm just missing one card to complete the recipe. (While lacking enough copies of another)