Thursday, 25 September 2014

Brave's Battles: Café Combat

Well it's hardly new anymore but I still insist on using my Dimensional Robos, even though they now seem to be getting their asses handed to them on a platter.

Art came from Pixiv, I can't remember the artist's name.

Yesterday evening I did a locals down Birmingham's Cyber Cafe located under the bridge leading into Moor Street station. I can never remember the name of the place which is pretty bad considering how often I've been in by this point. I actually went with the purpose of selling some gear to remake  some of our money from the BT15 case (except that non of that money is mine even though I'm the one primarally arranging the sales.) but having gone in to Birmingham pre-peak time, it was then impossible to leave untill after peak time and since Wednesday evening is Vanguard Fight Night, that can only mean one thing...

Out came the Robos and my first foe was Liberators, bearing in mind I lost all my matches however this was the closet and most exciting game for me, what decided it was a case of who would run out of recourses, which of course puts Dimension Police on the back foot, even more so when I don't use Commander Laurel in my current build which in any other build would be my core advantage engine.

My second game wasn't even funny as I drew ALL my Grade 3's and had no sheild, yep- I'm done for. 6 Damage in no time, opponent was Tachikaze, Ancient Dragons, but it was Dark Rex that dealt the killing blow.

My thrird game pitted me against Strat and his Aqua Force, modified to be based around Blue Storm Maelstrom Reverse OR Blue Wave Dragon, Tetra Drive, he'd also switched out his starter with Blue Storm's BT15 forerunner. However in that match I was grade stuck.
A fate that would then befall Strat in his semi-final match having beaten Overlord's Dragonic Overlord, the Re-Birth in the Swiss Tournament's fourth round.

Aqua Force's new sub-clan starter, Blue Storm Cadet, Marios, does wonders for the deck's consistency in being able to search for a Maelstrom after each successful Vanguard attack which is all very much welcomed by an Aqua Force player because if anything, at the very least it's an excuse to reduce the size of your Grade 3 line-up, adding instead to Deck devence over power. Unfortunatly though there's really only one good Maelstrom (note this is my opinion and not actually tested)

All I see is a unit that delivers punishment only for failing to protect yourself in the first place.
Makes it harder to guard against an attack but doesn't do much else. Furthermore only does so when you're already on your last legs.
Mealstrom hasn't had the best history, if anything I'd say his first form was frankly crap, being both a Limit Break AND On-Hit really kills the appeal for me, and Glory Maelstrom is overhyped, "Reverse" is what I feel the original Maelstrom SHOULD have been, forcing a disadvantage/reduction regardless if you hit or not, but between soaking 2 critical and my opponent getting a +2, I'd rather take the +2 (or -2 for myself) as that is an easier advantage gap to close than 2 damage, more over being a Limit Break Skill, both opponents should be one 3-4 damage by the time this skill is triggered. I like to be the one holding Limit Break to ransom, not the other way around. Ironically, or rather seemingly intentionally, Blue Storm Karma Dragon, Maelstrom "Reverse", is the mechanical inverse of his original counterpart's skill.

In the semi finals were Gold Paladin vs. Gold Paladin in what bioled down to a mirror natch, and Start's Aqua Force vs. Snake's Shadow Paladins with the final comng down to a rather poetic face off between Liberators and Revengers with Revenger, Dragruler Phantom taking the crown.

That moment when people spam a skill just to force more guard, then you nullify them. Yeah, hope you have some Perfect Guards to hand because that auto-damage (which does use a Damage Check) is creul. There are more dangerous skills but this seems fitting for a Shadow Paladin ability. Unlike the alternative from the booster that I'm desperatly wanting to sell.

Full Clan distribution:

2 Gold Paladin (1 Monach/Zenith, 1 Monach/Liberator Garmore)
1 Revengers (Dragruler) - Snake
1 Tachikaze
1 Kagero (Re-Birth) - Overlord
1 Genesis (Regalia) - Big Fox J
1 Aqua Force (Reverse) - Strat
1 Megacolony (Machaning)
1 Dimension Police (D Robos) - Steel Cosmos/Brave V-Decker

The best moment in the Tournament in my opinion was in the semi-final match for Megacolony Vs. Liberators, in which the Blaster Engine allowed 2 Blaster Blade Liberators to both end up on the field together which was followed by a Limit Break which in turn triggered a stacking Ultimate Break, that was a brilliant moment and the reaction of hysteria afterwards was one worthy of envy. Unfortunatly I didn't catch this on camera despite having one to record a couple of matches, which I at somepoint need to put across to computer and then upload to Youtube.
Incoming at 42000(?) power and 3 Critical. You better have a Perfect Guard or you're sweeping the floor tonight!

Needless to say, BT15 meta is now in affect in Birmingham, and tomorrow I'm hoping to return to Coventry to see how BT15 has affected the meta within the neighbouring city.

Must say that I was suprised though, with Big "Fox" J not using Venus Luquier. I'm beggining to doubt if there is even anyone local who wants, orvhas use for her (except for me.)