Saturday, 13 September 2014

Brave's Buddies: BT15 Sneak Peak

OMEGA PULLED (not in ownership) - enough said.

I'll be honest the foiling for this pack is really disappointing. Single Rares got the best foil of the set which is a bad as it seems. RRR's look like R's and R's look like RRR's. :/

Omega looks terrible, even in person and it's only strong selling point really is its scarcity outside of the sneak peaks. (1 per 16 boxes supposedly, if not it's value is crippled BUT it will make cases on the   whole more profitable, it'll still be £35 even if it's as common as every other RRR. And selling play sets will be more profitable than one card. It just depends on if our shipments/cases will function similarly to Japan or not.

Sneak Peak scores for my unit are as follows:
Overlord - 3:1
Strat - 2:2
Steel Cosmos (myself) - 2:2
Cobalt Blade - 1:3

I can't speak for others but one of my wins was illegitimate in my view as my opponent threw the match by purposefully committing suicide by activating a generic damage adder at 5 damage. Even though with the future I'd foreseen for that match based on what information was available, they would have won in two turns.

Of my two win one however was legitimate and in my opinion a well earned victory. In which I managed to win by constantly hitting 21000 with my Vanguard, wearing my foe over time.