Friday, 12 September 2014

Brave's battles: 3 Games, red win ratio and team member demotion.

So I tried that shop with no Vanguard fighters a second time 

This time there were other fighters. Exactly 2 others. 3 active fighters, that's all Coventry currently has as others have work commitments that can not be avoided. I have found out there is another games store set to open in the city over this weekend but I will be in Birmingham for Sneak Peaks Saturday and Sunday I intend to be quiet.

So with three of us we played and conversed at the same time. The topic lead to discussing upcoming releases which lead to discussing Legion which led to the to the topic of Blaster Joker > Link Joker > Fighter's Road > Omega > Sing Saver "Aybss" > Ruling changes > wether those rules would come to english > November......

We discussed a lot. On the topic of Blaster Joker I had to persuade one of my fellow converses that he was not as OP as he believed him to be in which I re-explained the contents of my earlier post.

As to us playing games, I played 3, 2 against Narukami "Reverse" and 1 against Bermuda Triangle Duos, I lost all 3 of my games.

1 loss with Dark Irregulars Reijy (W.I.P. to be expected)
1 loss with Pale Moon "Reverse"
And the last game I lost with my Dimensional Robos. (Bermuda tanks hard)

Now I have to put this on my Record sheet which currently has my win ratio at 38.60%. I'd like it to be higher for my teams sake as dropping below 35% and I've since had a conversation with Shadow explaining my win declining win ratio and the negative impact this will have on the team, at my suggestion we've both agreed that I should drop from the main team until I can pick my performance back-up.

I don't mind winning or loosing but the team comes first and if I can't bring the goods I will go back to full time tactics and simply act as team manager. As well as being on the reserve team.