Monday, 18 August 2014


Ok, so the reason why I haven't touched this blog is simply because I haven't worked out what to do with it. Then it hit me.
On the Cardfight Wiki I occasionally post blog entries entitled "Brave's Battles" Or I'll do segments that are "Brave's Buddies"  in either case these are entries of me retelling what has happened either during a day now finished or a weekend now past. Well no one really cares for that shit anyway so why not move it here?

The other thing is I will likely give my own opinion on a single card, a set or a potential deck in more detail than I'd bother to on the wiki. I have my own decks, as well as my freinds' decks that may be shared as material so in reality the possibilities ade endless. It's just ME. I've not realised that until about 3 minuets ago.

I may put some more advanced stuff in, at small amounts, but I am generally intending this to be just a casual thing. I'm not looking to help with Professional Play, if you want that, join V*Mundi. That's where we talk about the serious shit, and really, when you already have a full community that deals with professional and optimised play, you don't really need someone else providing the same service. Which brings me to my point. I forgot the key point of a blog. It's a public diary of a persons thought, opinions, factual ramblings or even may be used as a way to share news or get it out there to start with.

Also... Random Autobot Symbol. Cause why not.

Don't expect me to make sense, I have no intention to. Now I know what to actually DO with this blog, let's see if can atleast manage weekly updates, and if not then at least bi-weekly. Probably not as I'm more likely to post what I like when I feel like because I don't do schedules and time management. At least I can write an entry while offline.