Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Brave's Buddies: Cobalt Blade makes Locals Final

For Context, friends list is here.

Yesterday in a locals at Game HQ, Birmingham England, Brothers In Arm's youngest member, and our seat 4 reserve took silver. With a score of 5-1, Cobalt made it to the final undefeated, only to lose the last match, a rematch of his third round game, only losing from being grade stuck on the last hurdle. The only other member of our team to have made the final before is Overlord, who is a substitute on our team as he captains his own project.

There was 10 players in the local with the format being 4 rounds of Swiss followed by top four cut.
Nova's 4 decks entered of those 10 slots 2 Raizer, 2 Blau
Full List

  • 4 Nova Grappler (2 Raizer, 2 Blau)
  • 1 Pale Moon (Silver Thorn)
  • 1 Bermuda Triangle (Duos)
  • 1 Royal Paladin (Jewel Knights)
  • 1 Gold Paladin (Liberators)
  • 1 Nubatama
  • 1 Angel Feather (Reverse)
I'd entered with one of the 2 Raizer Decks. Cobalt was handling Liberators, having ceased use of Royal Paladins until Seekers come out. Shadow used one of the 2 Blau decks present in the listings.

After the four rounds pf Swiss I was out with a score of 1 win and 3 losses.
Shadow I don't know about, or rather I can't remember. Cobalt was the only fighter out of all 10 to have a clean sweep, with his points on 4-0.

In the final four cut the contnenders left standing were Cobalt, Dragon Empire's Fox, former Team The Dark Sanctuary member, John, and lastly someone from Coventry.

I didn't see either of the semis but I know that Cobalt Vs. John. Cobalt won. And I know that Fox won the other match.

The final fight itself was a repeat of one Round 3 battle. Liberators vs. Duos. And as mentioned above, Cobalt got crushed due to being grade stuck. A terrible way to go out but that's part of the game.

My salutations go to Cobalt for doing as well as he did, I wouldn't have expected him switching to Liberators to have had such an impact but I guess it also goes to show how outdated his previous favorite deck, Majesty Lord Blaster, really is.

In anycase it seems next time I'm playing seriously, my Casual Decks (Neo Nactar and Raizers) have each only ever won 1 fight in any local in which they are used, and my next local may not be a long time coming at all. Depends if I go to town tomorrow or not, and I'm only going if it's to meet up with Shadow.