Saturday, 30 August 2014

Brave's Buddies: Group Reunion and Fighting again.

Saturday 30th August, Birmingham UK, a group of people rendezvoused to chat, trade and Cardfight, that group of people was the members of my old card group, the first time we've called everyone together in 6 months. There are those that couldn't make it but the following did make it.

Majora - Who's returned to an alias tgat they used before I even met them, bein Biocancer
"D" (yet to have an alias assigned)
and of of course Strat (Bro took offence to "Swindle") and myself.
Also a new addition to the list, Angel.

We met up at GameHQ where I traded with Cobalt to get 2 Sanctuary of Light, Planetal Dragon in exchange for me giving him 1 Liberator of Bonds, Gancelot Zenith. While this trade removed from my Gold Paladin line-up the one card that was formiddable within the deck it has allowed me to now annouce that my "SoL Guardians" Deck has the minimal requirements met to allow it's main gambit to go live. That make me very happy indeed and far outwieghs the loss of Gold Paladin, of which I wasn't really investing in anyway. I was going to build a Liberator, Holy Shine Dragon deck but I've since lost intereast. I'll have that remain just a Cardfight Area thing.

Cobalt had also bought several booster pack and managed to get some profitable pulls so good for him. While he and Overlord were distracted with packs, Shadow and I discussed things relating to our Cardfight team. He's looking to expand the team into 6 members so we can run two branches at the next team regional, hoping it is again in the immediate area.

For next year he was discussing the possibilty of having a team logo printed onto t-shirts, a slightly different design for each branch. Brothers in Arms main cell now consists of Shadow and myself, as with before, but Crimson has been demoted to posistion 4 while Cobalt has been promoted to posistion 3, making him a full-time participant of the main team. I'm all for the team having it's own logo and with both me and Shadow being Graphic designers at heart, we should be able to come up with a good design between us.

Furthermore, Overlord joins Brothers in Arm in posistion 5 and we are currently assessing potential members to fill posistion 6, completing the second 3-man cell, of which I will take command of in the event that both sub-divisions are active in the same tournament, in this case I will take position 4 and Crimson is given Posistion 2. And by we, I mean Shadow is doing all the work, I'm just awaiting his assesment results so I can edit the team database accordingly.

We waited in Game HQ for as much of the group to arrive as possible before heading down the Gaming Cyber Café, we were fortunate the Cyber Café was quiet enough for our group to enact the real purpose behind our reunion, and the only reason Overlord wanted me there for, being so that he had access to my iPod software. (See previous post, still yet to find out if the app exsists on Android) Although, Shadow having to take Dee, Jay and Cobalt away meant this was short lived. It wasn't a total loss though, joining our ranks as we sat to play was Murray, LJ Darkness, Fox, and from Birmingham's strongest Vanguard Team, that I'm aware of, (even with one member retired from Vanguard, or at least not investing in being competitive anymore.) we had Snake and Grey Wolf of Team Dark Sanctuary. This team is more commonly called online, TDSVanguard.

The point is we had a tournament between us, Single Knockout, because I'm not able to upgrade to the full version of Brackleope, but each match was a Best-of-3 to try and compensate for that.

In the first round there were a lot of Byes/Wins by default due to a substantial portion of our group having to leave, this meant a match that should have been Cobalt Vs. Overlord ended with Overlord Winning by default. Same applies to Murray Vs. Jay in which Murray won by default after just 1 game, which he'd won anyway. Strat fought off with LJ Darkness and Star-vader, Chaos Breaker Dragon which ripped his Nubatama to shreads and a 2-0 win to Darkness. Fox faced TDS' Snake and lost, even with his Duos. Narukami's Eradicator, Dragonic Decsendant is still a frightening thing to have to face.
Neo had a get out free card, courtosy of "D" withdrawing the tournament and lastly, but by no means least, Biocancer was paired up with TDS' Grey Wolf. That was a match Shadows vs. Narukami in which Shadows won but it took all 3 fights to tough it out, ending with Grey Wolf's victory.

My battle was against Angel, she was using Genesis, our match ended up going to the final round, which I probably only won from her being Grade Stuck and taking advantage of it. My Dimensional Robos haven't been doing well recently but I still use them anyway. It's a thing of habit.

Round 2 I had a bye by the TO Software's dictation. So I fought Fox's Duos while the 3 matches that were part of the tournament were going on. Cuase we don't need a judge when we're just  freinds larking about to decide which of us is the strongest. The three Active matches were Overlord Vs. Murray,
Snake Vs. Darkness, and Grey Wolf vs. Neo.

Overlord defeated Murray with his Dauntless "Reverse" dominating (pun intended) over Murray's Angel Feather deck, also Reversed.
Snake's Eradicated Darkness's Link Joker. And Neo was consumed by the Shadows.

Even though Fox and I were playing casaully, he smacked my forces, and hard. A 2-0 defeat for me. So there I am hoping I don't end up facing Snake, knowing full well the odds would not be in my favour. In the Semi-Finals however, Brackelope pits me against- Snake. -_-
Overlord faces Gray Wolf.

The tournament essentially becomes Brother's In Arms Vs. Dark Sanctuary. I lose 2-0 again, the second round being Gradestuck at 0 the entire game. Which coincidentially gave me an idea for a game type. (I'll probably write the idea on the Wikia as well as here as I know I can get comments and criticism on the game types design there.

Overlord won his match 2-0. And the final again, BIA Vs. TDS, each with one representative. And Overlord lost.

Snake won the whole thing without loosing a single game.
That's consistency. That's Team Dark Sanctuary.

If you're ever in Birmingham I reccomend giving them a challange if you think you can take them. But there's also Dragonic Empire, Chaotic Darkness (top 16 nationals, make of that what you will) and Brother's In Arms (top 32 Nationals). Somewhere in the area is also based a team called The New Vanguard Clan, or T.N.V.C. for short. Not that I know who their members are, or if their even still active.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, I don't think to take any at the appropriate time. That's not why I have no pictures of AA14 though. That was a case of my camara wasn't working, which reminds me, I'm investing in some alkakies batteries. Rechargables seem to die if you try to use film mode.